Florin Brinza



Hey! Since you came all the way here, I might as well introduce myself.


I’m Florin, and for more than seven years, I have been behind the camera either as a 1st AC, videographer, director or producer. With a catalogue of work ranging from in-house training videos to feature films, I pride myself on always biting more than I can chew. Think that’s a negative? The latest endeavour has been producing and directing my debut feature film casa din copac [tree house] now available on Amazon. More about that at www.casadinocopac.com

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I strongly believe in prep. Regardless of knowledge, things can and will go astray, unless sufficient planning is done.


Born in Timișoara, Romania, I soon found myself in love with all things related to cartoons and films. That passion brought me to England, where I graduated in Digital Film Technologies and Production. I began working in London as a freelance 1st AC and videographer, where I still collaborate with fellow creatives to this day. When I am not behind the camera, I write screenplays and spend an unhealthy amount of time on YouTube watching Top 10s and video essays about a film I probably saw 10 times.


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Editing, Writing, Directing, Producing, DSLR cameras, RED cameras

RED wines

Favourite film
American History X

Favourite director
Christopher Nolan


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